There’s a lot to love at Ilyon®! From exploring our most successful downloads to learning how we design our games, the Ilyon® blog gives you a chance to keep up with our gaming world. Pick up tips and tricks to inspire better gaming design for the future, read up on our newest press releases, or find out where we’ll be speaking next. We invite you to follow our journey as we explore new ways to create enjoyable, relaxing apps that keep you entertained.

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Most of the posts on our blog fall into three categories: our experiences at gaming summits, best practices in casual game design, and press appearances that cover our newest milestones and achievements. As new posts get added every month, you’ll get a chance to dive deep into the internal workings at Ilyon® with us. Whether you’re curious about how we create and design games or you want an inside look into our newest creations, you can find it all here!

More About Ilyon®

Our gaming focus is about providing our fans easy to learn games that provide a challenge that can occupy your downtime. Our beautifully designed games have awesome graphics, mechanics, and effects. Our games will remind you of your favorite retro childhood games but elevated to engage today’s active minds. Our mission is to provide you something fun and addictive that’s exciting enough to encourage you to come back and play again and again.

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