Tips for Moving Past Hard to Beat Bubble Shooter Levels

Before you learn how to beat Bubble Shooter, you must first have a basic understanding of the game. Bubble Shooter is an arcade game you can play online or offline where you shoot colored bubbles at a playfield full of other bubbles. The goal is to eliminate all the bubbles on the playing field by shooting combinations of bubbles that have the same color. Accuracy is very important, because you may end up adding bubbles to the playing field rather than removing them, increasing your chances of filling up the playing field and losing the game. 

While Bubble Shooter is a great game for a beginner, the more you progress in the game, the harder it gets. If you’re trying to figure out how to beat Bubble Shooter, chances are you've already experienced some tough levels. With so many obstacles, it can be tough to make it to the more advanced stages of the game. So, how can you master all the tricky challenges of Bubble Shooter? We recommend practicing Bubble Shooter on the free web version so you can play on a bigger screen without downloading the game.


Strategy and Tactics to Master Bubble Shooter 

Getting to the later levels of Bubble Shooter can be tough, especially if you haven’t nailed down some key strategies and tactics. Progressing in the game requires you to think both strategically and tactically. Critical thinking will help you understand how to beat Bubble Shooter.

When your board first appears, it’s important to survey the groups of colored bubbles that are spread out across the playing field - ‘The Strategy.’ There are likely some colored bubbles that are arranged close to each other and may lead to a large ‘combo shot’ or others that may allow you to drop other bubbles. Keep these in the back of your head so that when the right opportunity arises you can take action to shoot bubbles at these areas. 

Tactics will dictate your execution. How well are you able to shoot the right colored bubbles under pressure and without making mistakes? As you become a more experienced player, you will make fewer mistakes and shooting the bubbles will become intuitive.


3 Tips on How to Beat Bubble Shooter

Beating Bubble Shooter is a feat anyone can take on. The further you go in the game, the harder it can get, so making simple mistakes can wreck your whole game. Once you’ve nailed down the basics of how to play Bubble Shooter, you’ll probably be asking yourself: how can I take my skills to the next level? Use three tips to help you understand how to beat Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter

1. Target the Hanging Bubbles - If you see a few bubbles dangling off a group of other bubbles that are the same color, you’re in luck. Rather than trying to shoot off one bubble at a time, wait until you have the right color bubble and target that bubble to drop all the bubbles at once. You’ll free up space instantly and clear up space to shoot further up the playing field. Also, make sure to always keep an eye out for what bubble is coming up next. If you know that you’ll be shooting two bubbles with the same color, you can go for a solo bubble in the playing field. This targets a solo bubble that is connecting a bunch of hanging bubbles. 


2. Rely on Your Bank Shot - One of the most important tips you must know if you want to know how to beat Bubble Shooter is the ‘bank shot.’ A bank shot is when you angle the shooter at one of the playing field walls so that the bubble bounces off the side walls. It can be quite useful when you’re trying to reach harder to reach bubbles where there are a number of same-colored bubbles. They can also help you squeeze bubbles in to fill up blank spaces. The bank shot can be a life-saver if you can’t find any possible matches on the first row of the playing field. In fact, these types of shots are almost necessary if you are looking to make it to the bubble shooter’s last level.  


3. Plan Ahead - One of the most important aspects as you evolve your game style is to plan ahead. This is in line with the strategy element of the game. When you first see the playing field at the beginning of the game, you have time to assess your strategy for clearing the board and organizing some steps for how to beat Bubble Shooter. As you progress, you can develop mini strategies to accomplish your main goal. 


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