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About Us: Ilyon is a leading mobile gaming company renowned for delivering world-class entertainment to millions of players worldwide. We are driven by creativity, innovation, and a passion for engaging experiences. We're now looking for a Senior Product Manager to spearhead the evolution of one of our flagship products—a mobile casual puzzle game—by leading the team and driving new feature development and live-ops events. Position Overview: As a Senior Product Manager, you will play a pivotal role in shaping a flagship game's vision and long-term growth. You will lead and oversee the planning and execution of new features and live-ops events, enhancing the gaming experience and maximizing key performance indicators (KPIs). Your ability to anticipate player needs, translate them into actionable product requirements, and deliver a compelling user experience will be crucial. You'll collaborate closely with the Business Intelligence, Economy, and other internal teams to devise A/B tests, conduct player research, and implement strategic adjustments that align with the company's vision.

The Role

  • Lead the success and growth of a flagship mobile puzzle game by developing a product vision, strategy, roadmap, and lifecycle management framework. Identify opportunities to improve the player experience through key initiatives.
  • Collaborate with the Head of Product and other stakeholders like the marketing and player experience teams to define the product roadmap, goals, and priorities.
  • Partner with Economy, Level Design, Art, Development, and Analytics teams to execute the vision, providing direction, setting measurable goals, and offering actionable feedback.
  • Plan and guide the implementation of new features and live-ops events, including writing detailed Product Requirement Documents (PRDs) and ensuring seamless execution and continuous optimization.
  • Explore and design gameplay loops and player interactions, constantly deconstructing competitive features/mechanics to apply valuable insights to the game's design.
  • Design, run, monitor, and analyze A/B tests, working closely with the Analytics team to ensure data-driven decision-making.
  • Stay abreast of market trends, analyze competitor products, and share insights that can inform and refine our game strategy.
  • Manage deadlines and changing priorities by making appropriate trade-offs and developing action plans, considering constraints and team member strengths.
  • Guide and mentor junior product managers within and outside your team, sharing your experience and insights to help them grow and align with the product strategy.


  • Experience: 5+ years of hands-on product management or game design experience in mobile games or equivalent, with a focus on successful casual game titles.
  • Proven ability to lead the end-to-end development of successful mobile games or revamp user flows within existing titles.
  • Creative thinker who can provide insightful and innovative solutions to any problem.
  • Firm grasp of engagement, retention, and monetization KPIs and the ability to devise strategies to improve them.
  • Exceptional analytical ability with a focus on data-driven decision-making. Proficiency in SQL and Excel is advantageous.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and inspire production teams confidently.
  • Exceptional English communication skills, both written and verbal, are required to convey messages effectively and work with an international team.
  • Strong collaboration skills, working effectively with and influencing other teammates across various departments.
  • Strength in interpreting community feedback into digestible insights for the team and incorporating it into product requirements.
  • Passion for games and creating fun, compelling, and exciting user experiences.

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