Ilyon is a cutting edge interactive entertainment company for the mobile world

With over 40 titles and tens of millions of downloads we are serious about creating beautiful games with engaging gameplay that take play time to a whole new level.

2013, The Story Begins…

Ilyon was founded in 2013 by four friends with special tech experience and a passion to build something great.


Our management includes personnel with high levels of expertise in production, design and marketing of mobile games.


Our company culture is underpinned by shared values of passion for best practice, dynamism and agility, collaboration, respect, and fun.

Continued Excellence

Our shared values enable us to continue striving to not only be the best company we can be but also the best people, for ourselves and for each other.

Always Innovating

Our passion for excellence and constant focus on gaining input from our fans ensures that we are continuously creating innovative new titles as well as updating current games with new ideas and enhancements.


We firmly believe that success is all about continuous and consistent application of best practice in the right direction.

The future is what you make it, and we want to make it fun…

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