Ilyon has developed more than 40 fun titles, and offers fan favorite games across platforms and devices. Our games offer users innovative features that create fun and engaging game-play which is why our titles have gained rapid success and dedicated users.


Our Bubble Shooter titles are an innovative blend of the popular 90’s PC game. We created something special by taking the popular 90’s match-3 Bubble Shooter PC game and revolutionized it with cutting edge mobile game mechanics, creative new features, and beautiful graphics. Our initial game quickly became a fan favorite in the mobile world and since then we have continued to gain fans with our creative and fun new Bubble Shooter titles.

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Ilyon Arts

Ilyon Arts is the treasure house for our signature games, the titles that we consider to be class leading and worthy of being branded as something special.

2017 is going to be an exciting year for Ilyon with new casual titles that will offer players a whole new level of game experience. These games present new fun gameplay and storylines, beautiful artwork and graphics and original music.

Stay tuned!